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Why a traditional Ad agency may be bad for your online marketing

In my experience, very few graphic designers working at the agencies that I have worked with are very web savvy. Added to this is the fact that most agencies still practice “outbound marketing”. This practice relies on intruding on people via either print or electronic media.

Today’s trends are to inbound marketing, where people opt in to receive information from you. This gives you a far better likelihood of converting one of those visitors into a lead. We live in a society where we get bombarded with adverts on a daily basis. I am at a point now where I switch of mentally when adverts come onto a TV, or I just ignore them in email or website format.

When you are looking at developing a website, or revamping your current website, stick to these 3 simple rules:

  1. Your website should attract prospects
  2. On the website you should be able to convert visitors into leads
  3. The website should produce a measurable ROI (Return on investment)

So before you commit to any digital solution, always ask for reference sites and solutions that they have done.

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