Regular communication with your clients is an excellent way to stay top of mind. It also makes the introduction of new products or services a simple step, and lets you highlight existing offerings.

Bulk email is reasonably cost effective, and has excellent feedback features, plus is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Our newsletters are compliant with the laws of South Africa. All email addresses on your contacts list need to be existing customers, or have opted in to receive electronic communications from your business. The are subscribe and unsubscribe buttons on all Electronic Newsletters that we distribute.

Please note Email is not a gaurenteed service. This means that Emails may become lost between our server and the recipients mailbox. Furthermore The Mail Exchange can not be held liable for any errors on the client's Service Provider's server.

You will receie a graphical feedback report 2 weeks after your Electronic newsletter has gone out, to track the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Contact us today for a quotation on setting up a mailing list for you.

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